Principal Wan Jian Led A Team to Visit Enterprises in Qingdao

Publisher:英文站Release Time:2022-09-26Number Of Visits:10

    From August 12th to 14th, Principal Wan Jian and Vice Principal Tian Naiqing of our college went to Qingdao, Shandong Province to visit enterprises for promoting employment. They visited Qingdao Branch of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College, Qingdao Qingyuanhua Ship Management Co., Ltd. and Winning International Group. They were accompanied by our school’s relevant persons in charge of the Enrollment and Employment Office and the Party Committee Office during the visit.

    Wan Jian briefly introduced the our college's historical development, school running characteristics and achievements in recent years to the visited enterprises, and introduced the school's typical case of  three all-around education.

    On August 12, representatives of our school and Qingdao Branch of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited had in-depth exchanges on school-enterprise cooperation, scientific research, talent training program, graduate employment and other aspects.

    On August 13, representatives of our college and Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College had exchanges and discussions on school running and major construction, and they reached a consensus on further cooperation. At the same time, Wan Jian led a team to Qingdao Qingyuanhua Ship Management Co., Ltd., for investigation in the aspects of graduate employment and school-enterprise cooperation.

    On August 14, Wan Jian and the team went to Winning International Group. The two sides held a discussion on further cooperation, graduate employment, international exchange and other aspects. Representatives of Winning International Group highly praised the quality of talent training of our school, indicating that they would continue to expand the school-enterprise cooperation and provide more jobs for the school’s graduates.