Good News: Two Bases of Our College Were Approved as Provincial Science Education Bases

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    Recently, Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and Jiangsu Education Department jointly issued the Notice on Naming Jiangsu Science Education Bases in 2022, and the official list of 126 natural science and 15 social science education bases in 2022. The Modern Navigation Science Education Base and Ship Science Education Base declared by our college were both approved as Provincial Science Education Bases in 2022-2026. On the morning of September 15, Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology held the meeting of 2022 National Science Popularization Day and the licensing ceremony of Provincial Science Education Bases. Wang Hongming, Director of the Science and Technology Office of our college, attended the meeting and the licensing ceremony on behalf of the school.

    For a long time, our college has continuously focused on and put great efforts into the science education for the public, and the leaders of the school attached great importance to it. The Science and Technology Office, the School of Navigation Technology and the School of Ship and Marine Engineering made full use of the school's unique resources in navigation, shipping engineering, marine culture and tourism, and actively implemented the science education tasks to serve primary and secondary students and the the community in the society. This approval could be regarded as the full recognition to our college's science education work for the public.