Our College Welcomed the Visit of Provincial Safety Inspection Team

Publisher:英文站Release Time:2022-10-10Number Of Visits:10

On September 22, the team of the provincial safety inspection, led by Yuan Haiyu, Director of the Security Office of Jiangsu University, visited our college for inspection and evaluation. Vice Principal of our college Tian Naiqing attended and hosted the evaluation meeting. Heads of the Party Committee Office, Office of Students' affairs Management, Security Office, Academic Affairs Office, Marxist School and other departments attended the meeting.

On behalf of our college, Vice Principal Tian Naiqing welcomed the arrival of the inspection team and briefly introduced the development of the school. He hoped that the inspection team would put forward more valuable suggestions on the safety work of our college to help our school further improve it.

Yuan Haiyu, the leader of the inspection team, introduced the purpose, significance and work requirements of this inspection at the meeting.

Zhang Jiting, the director of the Security Office of our college, based on the inspection requirements, delivered the safety work report of our school from three aspects---responsibilities and measuresproblems and solutionsand progress and plans.

After listening to the report, the inspection team inspected the navigation simulator, automated engine room and other key places on the spot, and gave credit to the safety work of our school. The whole inspection team agreed that our school had strong leadership, great management system, professional work, adequate security facilities, solid epidemic prevention and control work, and standardized laboratory management.